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Building Networks that Ignite Success

As a woman in business, building a professional network can feel like a daunting task. Workplace cultural landmines seem impossible to navigate. You lack confidence in your abilities and feel tongue-tied when it’s time to sell yourself and your ideas. You constantly second guess yourself when it’s time to approach someone at a networking event. You’re confused about how to network in a virtual setting. You want to build awareness with executives but are unsure of how to approach them. All of these can make networking feel like a dirty word.

In this session, I will convince you that a powerful network is your entry point into the corridors of success. As women, we often assume that if we are working hard and producing top quality work, our efforts will be noticed. This isn’t always the case. You need to take charge of your career, know what’s out there and create your own opportunities. The best way to do that is to tap into genuine relationships that can open doors for you.

Ultimately, networking is about connection. It’s about building genuine, authentic relationships with like-minded people you enjoy spending time with. When done right, networking doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking. In fact, it can be fun and engaging, and also the single most powerful step you can take towards achieving your long-term career goals.

Vulnerability is Power:

How to Fail your Way to Success

As women, we frequently fall prey to imposter syndrome. We judge ourselves harshly and we fear other people judging us harshly for our mistakes. As a result, we are terrified of failing. And so, we hold back on presenting ourselves and our ideas fully in the workplace. We shy away from bold moves. ​We juggle ambitious goals and performance pressures, often self-imposed, at work and at home.​We don’t speak up in meetings unless our ideas are fully formed, and even then we second guess them. Will I look stupid? What will people think?

In this keynote, I will convince you that you must fail to succeed and that it’s okay to not have all the answers but to venture forward anyway.​When you do things you haven’t done before, sometimes you will fall flat on your face. No – your world will not end. You will learn, build awareness, become resilient, and discover the joy of laughing at yourself, dusting off, and moving on to the next challenge.

I will demonstrate why you should share your areas of opportunity just as enthusiastically as you share your strengths. You don’t need bravado or to act ‘like a man’. All you need is to be ‘you’. Your team wants a warm, empathetic, relatable human, flaws and all. It’s your weaknesses, as much as your strengths, that make you who you are. Embrace your strengths and let your team walk alongside you to buttress your weaknesses. Be authentic – your team will respect you for it.

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